Finding Kindred Spirits - Jody Senna
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Finding Kindred Spirits

I decided that I needed to invest in myself and my growth as an entrepreneur this year, so I chose to take an online course on how to build an online business using social media.

As it is with most business building courses that I’ve taken, this one started us off with the exercise of naming what our ideal client would be like. I ALWAYS hate that question because it muddles my brain and I always feel so unsure of myself when I have to try and pin it down.

But I pushed through and completed the homework asssignment and put a check in the box.

But today I realized I’ve had the whole thing all wrong. When I’ve been trying to describe my ideal client, what I’m actually doing (in the back of my brain) is trying to figure out what type of person would actually lower themselves enough to be willing to work with me.

As it is with most things in my business, this all goes back to a lack of confidence in myself. I want to build a great business that is able to help many, many women find their potential, but first I have to believe in mine.

So my ideal of a the type of client with whom I’d like to work is a woman who has just enough guts to believe that things in her life can be better. She might feel beaten down a bit by life’s circumstances (health challenges, job or money challenges, self confidence challenges), but she wants more and she’s willing to take the risk and do whatever it takes to set goals and attain them. She wants more for her family, more for herself, she intends to leave a legacy. She might not be a natural-born risk taker, but she’s ready now to take that challenge and whatever that entails and wherever that might take her.

So that’s me. Welcome to my new world!

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