My First Key To Weight Loss - Jody Senna
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My First Key To Weight Loss


Do any of you remember when the NO-FAT diet was all the rage?  I sure do!  I’ve done a lot of different diets in my day, but that one was suh-weeeeet!  And I mean that literally!  Once companies took the fat out of their products, they needed a way to give their foods enough flavor so people would buy them.  And the more sugar they added, the more we bought!  Ugh.

I think our psyches are still affected by that particular diet – I still hear women bragging about how they cook their scrambled egg whites on a Teflon coated pan so they won’t have to consume any fats.  My guess is that they’ve never looked into the chemicals that are being absorbed into their foods from their non-stick cookware.

I wanted to make a list of all the different diets I’ve tried in my lifetime, but there are either too many to remember or that dang beet diet I was on in the 90s deleted some of my brain cells.  So just trust me when I say I’ve done more than my fair share of big name diets and none of them brought me the weight and emotional satisfaction I was searching for.



Learning to love myself is what has really helped me.  Not the, “I choose to love myself even though I eat a terrible diet and I’m overweight”, but loving myself because I realized that my body was worth the work it would take to be healthy (and look good in a pair of jeans).

With that as my jumping-off point, it’s helped me want to learn how to make good choices with my eating and my desire to workout.  We all need to be the cartographers of the maps for our own health; no one else can do it for you. But as you do, you’ll be able to follow the signs that your body is giving you to help you stay healthy.

As for me, I do eat fat.  Good fats.  I just don’t eat them encased in grains and sugars.  It’s just not worth it for me. That doesn’t mean I’ll never eat baked goods or pizza again, it means I won’t eat them frequently. And I’m ok with that because I love the woman I see when I look in my mirror, and I believe she’s worth it.

How about you? Hating yourself and your extra pounds won’t get you very far; even if you lose them they’ll come back to haunt you.  Start by realizing that you’re amazing and created in God’s image and love yourself enough to begin treating yourself with care and respect.  I know you can do it! I’m here to help.




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