Essential Oils - Jody Senna
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I began looking into using essential oils several years ago, but felt they were just another one of those expensive, trendy fads that I would try for a bit but forget about before the first bottle was empty. But I kept hearing more and more about all the amazing ways essential oils are beneficial to our lives so I began researching the oils and looking into why people like using them so much.


That’s when I found out that essential oils have been used in various cultures for thousands of years in so many, many ways!


Here are just a couple of examples of a couple of oils that I use:


Lavender – Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because it literally has hundreds of uses. I use it on any cuts or sores (you’ve never seen a paper cut stop hurting as quickly as one that’s had a drop of lavender oil applied to it!); I use it for relaxing – just a drop on each earlobe right before bed, or 3 drops in a hot bath and voila! I encourage you to get a bottle of lavender oil from a company like Young Living – It smells so full bodied, so totally unadulterated and pure. You’ll feel like you’re walking through a field of lavender flowers and green grass all at the same time!


Another oil I love is Thieves Oil – Named after 4 thieves who worked in the spice industry who mixed up a combination of oils to keep themselves alive during the bubonic plague so they could prey on the sick and dying. They were promised clemency if they would be willing to share their “recipe”. Thanks to these thieves, we now have Thieves Oil blend that has been proven to kill 99.6% of airborne bacteria. I use it on the bottom of my daughter’s feet and my feet each night to prevent us from becoming sick. I put a drop on my toothbrush and brush my teeth with it if I’m feeling in any way under the weather – it’s amazing how well it works!


If you would like to learn more about essential oils or how they can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



*Only essential oils that are 100% pure, like the oils sold by Young Living, should be taken internally. Most oil companies add filler oils (up to 49%) and are still able to call them “Pure” according the FDA. Young Living oils have no fillers and the company owns all of the plants that are used to create their oils. “From Seed to Seal” is their company standard.