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Meet The Jody Senna


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I oftentimes ask myself, “Which do you dislike more: housecleaning or a dirty house?” I don’t really like either 🙂 but I a dirty house wins the contest.  Today I asked myself that same question about exercising – which do I dislike more: being the sad owner of a puffy muffin-top hanging over my jeans or taking a small part of my day to work out?

The question seems really silly when I put it to myself in those terms. I mean, of course I’d rather feel good about myself and how I look and as a side benefit improve my health, but just like I wish I could have a clean house without cleaning, I also wish I could have a small shapely body and good health without the bother of working out.

Where I get hung up the most is when I hear myself say, “Ugh….I have to do this every day for the rest of my life!!!!!” (notice the “have to” attitude)  It’s like I’m standing at the base of Mount Everest, straining to see the top, realizing what it will take to get all the way up there. Next thing you know, I’ve lost my desire to take even the first step up the climb.

But when I remember to 1) be thankful that I have two legs and two arms that are still able to exercise, and 2) take it one day at a time, one workout at a time, and one jean size at a time, I find that I can take that first step and the next day take the next one, then the next, and so on.

Keeping my daily workouts as daily workouts and not as a lifetime of sweating sore muscles, helps me enjoy them and the added benefit of being healthier and feeling better about how I look in my jeans.  But I still wish I didn’t have to clean my house so much.



Right before Christmas, we had a family dinner here at the Senna house (there are 4 of us who call this quaint cottage our home) and we were asked to come to the meal prepared to share some goals and/or changes we would like to see in our lives.  One of my personal goals was to help my family by changing some of our eating habits (again).   I love sitting down to a delicious meal around the antique oak table in our kitchen; talking and eating with my family and our friends.  It’s not that I’m so ridiculously busy that I have no time to cook; no, the problem is that I’m addicted to convenience. When I’m hungry, I look for food that is fast, easy & readily available; or better yet, let’s go out and eat!   Add to this the fact that most evenings half of the family is missing (so why cook? 🙂 and you have another American family who is missing out on one of God’s great gifts – family time around a home cooked, non-processed meal.

After our goal setting meal, we headed straight into the holidays and then my husband and I started our annual January fast.  So I’ve had a few weeks to work out a plan to help me change my inconveniently convenient lifestyle.  I went down to our basement & pulled out my old friend the Crock Pot to help me on this journey.  It was down there collecting dust along with my Ab Lounger, but I washed it & put it back on KP duty!  I haven’t used that darn thing in more years than I can count, but yesterday I plugged it in and gave it a test drive!

Using my slow cooker is forcing me to have to think ahead – to begin meal preparations for tomorrow night’s dinner today.  Yesterday we had baked potato soup (http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2009/06/crockpot-baked-potato-soup-recipe.html) and tonight we’re having my own rendition of tamale pie – I’ve never made tamale pie in my life, we’ll see how my crock pot version turns out!

Eating healthy is a choice that I have to make over & over & over & over – but no matter how many times I fall off that sugar wagon, I’ll just keep getting back up & start again!


There’s this odd habit I have when I watch old movies: I tend to look at the people who are playing the characters and start wondering about what their lives were like off screen. Were they as happy as the role they’re portraying? Did they have a good marriage? How many marriages…

So I look them up! Sometimes I read about their lives and wish I hadn’t bothered looking; I liked them better before I found out about their real life! And then there are others that are truly encouraging – like the woman who played the little old mother of an Irish Priest in “Going My Way”. Here name was

She was born in 1862 (one of ten children) when our nation was at war with itself, became a school teacher at the age of 18 (she lied and told them she was 20) and married a juggler when she was 23. They were busy raising their children in San Francisco, CA, when tragedy struck and her beloved husband was killed, followed by the 1906 earthquake which destroyed her home. She was left to raise her children alone.

In 1926, when she was 64, she became a freshman at the University of California Berkeley. She majored in French and graduated at age 68. I don’t know what she did with her degree, but she didn’t begin her acting career until she was 78! She appeared in more than thirty films as well as television shows. None of her movie roles were large, in depth, or required much more of her than filling out a scene, but her presence brings a smile to my face each time I see her.

Her last role was in the movie, “The Ten Commandments” which she made when she was 94 years old. She passed away just a few weeks shy of her 99th birthday, but when she died she was the oldest active member of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

I’ve noticed that life seldom goes the way I planned; but what I do with it when it takes its out-of-control loops and turns is up to me. Hopefully my life will be long like Adeline’s – and I hope I use it well. I like reading stories about women who don’t get stuck when life gets nasty – it encourages me to not let the little things bother me!