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Meet The Jody Senna


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UntitledWe did it!  We adopted Annie, our granddaughter, and now we’re Grand Parents!  One friend called this “One of life’s beautiful curve balls”, and she’s absolutely right! But If you had asked me 10 years ago what I thought I’d be doing with my life right now, raising a baby in my 50s would never have entered the conversation.

I thought I had our lives all mapped out: career-wise, family-wise, and health-wise, etc… but my internal navigation system failed to take into account that God might be reading the map differently. I guess I was reading it upside down because it turned out He had a better plan than I could have ever imagined.  The destination is the same, but the route and the scenery have completely changed!

Unexpected changes in our lives are never easy, and usually not very welcomed.

But they happen to all of us at some time or another.  I had to change the way I looked at things and realize that just because this adventure I call life had totally veered off the course I had set, it didn’t mean that God had abandoned me or that I’m just a screw-up. Changing how I viewed God and myself during those years of transition was my first good choice.

It took me a while to make that choice, but I’m so glad I did.  It also took me a long time to admit that my life is better now, and Annie had a lot to do with that.  She makes me laugh and she makes me want to work really, really hard to keep Garry and I healthy and do all I can to raise her to stay healthy.

I had to choose to stop dipping my big toe down into the cold, unknown waters of a good diet and using essential oils and go ahead and take the full plunge.  And you know what?  The water is fine!  We’re healthier and more energetic than we have been in years!  I use the oils to create my cleaning products & skin products, use them to keep Annie from getting sick and keep Garry and me going emotionally & physically too!

Now I feel like my a teenager driving up Highway 1 in California in a sassy red convertible with the top down and my hair blowing in the wind!  The curves on that road are crazy, but the view of the Pacific Ocean are worth every stomach lurch.  No, my internal navigation system didn’t set a course for the path on which I find myself but fortunately God did and He’s helping me to find joy in the journey!

What about you?  Have you ever had a dream fall apart?  A life plan go kaput?  We all know that essential oils can’t mend our broken dreams, but there are certain oils that can help us regain our peace thru the rough spots and there are a lot of ways we can help each other.  If I can help you in any way, please feel free to call me (925-922-1550) or send me an email:  jody@jodysenna.com.

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The sign on the door read, “Five Children From This Classroom Have Had The Flu” – the teacher wanted all who dared to enter to know they had been given fair warning. Georgeanne, my granddaughter’s development specialist, told me that she read the sign but went in anyway because she had had her flu shot and had clients inside waiting for her. Later that day when Georgeanne showed up at my house to work with Annie, neither of us were aware that she was carrying a nasty little bug somewhere on her person.

Within a few days Georgeanne was very sick in bed with a high fever and severe chills, unable to work for most of the week.   At about the same time, the flu bug hit my house as like a sledgehammer in a china shop and my husband took the first blow. I was a good wife and put oils on his feet and made him chicken stock and filled and refilled the diffuser in his office. I also made him a “tea” of 1 cup warm water, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon raw honey, 2 drops of Thieves oil and 2 drops of lemon oil.

But then Annie came down with it and all my attention turned towards her. She had a high fever, was terribly lethargic and wouldn’t eat. I immediately started applying a regimen of oils onto the bottom of her feet and I kept reapplying them every 20 minutes while she was awake. (I did miss some of the times, but I was pretty diligent)

Amazingly she was back on her feet, up and running; fever gone and appetite returned within 30 hours and here’s why I think she beat it so quickly:

I know that it wasn’t JUST the oils that helped Annie overcome the flu so quickly, it was a combination of using the oils, plus the ones I use on her daily, the daily kefir, probiotics and cod fish oil and the fact that I’m very careful with what processed foods I’ll allow her to eat.

So if any unwanted bugs come calling on your family, please take great care. Drink lots of water, lots of homemade bone stock such as chicken or beef and apply oils onto your feet at least twice per hour. Let me know if there is any way I can help you.

I learned a life-lesson recently while watching a cartoon. I know this says a lot about me and my learning style, and if you feel you need to stop reading this I can fully understand. However, if you’re in the least bit curious and wonder if my “revelation” will speak to you too, please hear me out.

Peppa Pig is my granddaughter’s favorite tv show, but if you’ve never heard of Peppa, here’s my brief synopsis of the show: Peppa is a cheeky little British pig who lives with her brother George, Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig. They’re a loving and caring family of pigs and the whole show is just too darn cute.

Anyway, one day as I was pretending not to watch, I heard Peppa whine to her parents that although she was running as fast as she could, she couldn’t get her kite to fly. Daddy Pig wisely tells her that it wasn’t that she wasn’t running fast enough or hard enough, the kite just won’t fly if there’s no wind. Then of course the wind picks up and Peppa & George begin running as hard as they can and merrily fly their kite into the sunset (sorta).

What I realized from Daddy Pig’s wisdom is how often I try to get areas of my life to take flight when there’s no wind beneath them to make them soar. And no matter how hard I try or how fast I run, if the wind isn’t there to give them wings, they aren’t going to fly.

You’re probably really wondering what the heck I”m talking about, so let me try and explain. We’re already two months into 2015, and I’ve already realized that some of the goals I set for this year were in need of re-evaluation. Take for example my exercise goals. I started out with a wonderful plan of how many times I would go walking each week to meet my weight & health goals. But by the end of January it was obvious that there wasn’t even a breeze, much less a wind, helping to blow me out of bed to go walking. No matter how much I wanted to exercise, my plan to fulfill this goal needed to be re-evaluated and revamped.

All it took was finding a way to exercise that didn’t include being outside in the freezing weather. But like Peppa, once I found the wind I still had to run to make “my kite” fly – ie I still have to go down to my basement and use the equipment I bought. But the desire to soar in this area of my life is greater than my desire to stay in bed, so I’m happy to say that currently I’m making progress.

I’m not suggesting you give up on your dreams and goals, but I am encouraging you to find the direction of the wind that will help get you where you want to go. If you’re running as hard as you can and what you’re doing still isn’t working, then maybe it’s time to check the direction of the wind and find out what it will take for you to get in the current so you can soar. Sometimes it helps to have a friend help you; maybe they’ll see something you’re overlooking or help you when you’re too discouraged to look for the wind. Someone who can be the wind beneath your wings, so to say.   If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.