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Meet The Jody Senna


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maxresdefaultI learned a life-lesson recently while watching a cartoon.  I know this says a lot about me and my learning style, and if you feel you need to stop reading this I can fully understand.  However, if you’re in the least bit curious and wonder if my “revelation” will speak to you too, please hear me out.

Peppa Pig is my granddaughter’s favorite tv show, but if you’ve never heard of Peppa, here’s my brief synopsis of the show:  Peppa is a cheeky little British pig who lives with her brother George, Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig.  They’re a loving and caring family of pigs and the whole show is just too darn cute.

Anyway, one day as I was pretending not to watch, I heard Peppa whine to her parents that although she was running as fast as she could, she couldn’t get her kite to fly.  Daddy Pig wisely tells her that it wasn’t that she wasn’t running fast enough or hard enough, the kite just won’t fly if there’s no wind.  Then of course the wind picks up and Peppa & George begin running as hard as they can and merrily fly their kite into the sunset (sorta).

What I realized from Daddy Pig’s wisdom is how often I try to get areas of my life to take flight when there’s no wind beneath them to make them soar.  And no matter how hard I try or how fast I run, if the wind isn’t there to give them wings, they aren’t going to fly.

You’re probably really wondering what the heck I”m talking about, so let me try and explain.  We’re already two months into 2015, and I’ve already realized that some of the goals I set for this year were in need of re-evaluation. Take for example my exercise goals.  I started out with a wonderful plan of how many times I would go walking each week to meet my weight & health goals. But by the end of January it was obvious that there wasn’t even a breeze, much less a wind, helping to blow me out of bed to go walking.  No matter how much I wanted to exercise, my plan to fulfill this goal needed to be re-evaluated and revamped.

All it took was finding a way to exercise that didn’t include being outside in the freezing weather.  But like Peppa, once I found the wind I still had to run to make “my kite” fly – ie I still have to go down to my basement and use the equipment I bought.  But the desire to soar in this area of my life is greater than my desire to stay in bed, so I’m happy to say that currently I’m making progress.

I’m not suggesting you give up on your dreams and goals, but I am encouraging you to find the direction of the wind that will help get you where you want to go.  If you’re running as hard as you can and what you’re doing still isn’t working, then maybe it’s time to check the direction of the wind and find out what it will take for you to get in the current so you can soar.  Sometimes it helps to have a friend help you; maybe they’ll see something you’re overlooking or help you when you’re too discouraged to look for the wind.  Someone who can be the wind beneath your wings, so to say.   If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

A beautiful entryway is a wonderful way to help your guests feel welcome to your home from the moment they arrive.

A beautiful entryway is a wonderful way to help your guests feel welcome to your home from the moment they arrive.

I absolutely love Thanksgiving!  I love getting up early to set my table with fine china & silver as I watch the Macy’s Parade & I love making sweet potato casserole topped with toasty marshmallows. I love making cranberry sauce & watching the berries pop in the heat & most of all I love preparing my turkey – as I pray it will be moist & yummy – not dry & disgusting.  My daughter shared a link with me on how to prepare a perfect turkey   and it really works!  Trust me – if you follow it, you’ll serve a great turkey too!  I hope you’ll give it a try!

“If there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocotive potential, it is the concept of hospitality.”  Henri Nouwen

Is it your year to host your family’s Thanksgiving feast?  Having friends, loved ones & special guests into your home is such a privilege & honor; but I know that for many years in my life I

was caught up in the act of “entertaining” instead of having a heart of hospitality.  I needed for things to be perfect – not so my guests would be blessed- but so that I came off looking good! Hospitality is an attitude of heart – going out of your way with special touches, added details  & graciousness that lets your guests know how thrilled you are that they’ve come into your home.

f16c25c6829a0d91523a2b15f243938aYou know how sometimes memories from your childhood just pop up in your head, and as you’re perusing the memory, you suddenly start wondering what in the world made you think about that instance or that person?  Well, that’s what happened to me this morning.  I was tooling along, minding my own business & suddenly I was about 6 or 7 years old walking down the aisles of the toy department at the local Sears and Roebuck at Christmas time!  Boy, those were the days!  My mom could leave my brother & I there to scour through the toys while she shopped around the store – it gave us time to dream about what we wanted to ask for for Christmas – we’d already circled most every toy in the catalog, but getting to see them in person was almost like owning it!

Today I was asking that little girl, “Why did you like to do that so much?  You knew you would never get everything for which you’d asked!  What was the point?”

That’s when I realized that a lot of the “magic” of dreaming big dreams seems to have slipped away from my heart.  It was so easy when I was young – but somewhere along the way I made the choice to become extremely practical and utilitarian (the idea that the moral worth of an action is determined solely by its usefulness).  It’s always easier to not dream than to dream & get disappointed – but how boring!

But in that same way, I can now choose to allow myself the luxury of dreaming big again!  Why not?   It’s the beginning of another new year – what do you want to see yourself do this year that you didn’t dare try or believe for in the past?  Why not think really big this year?

I’m thankful for the visit from my childhood “me” – it was the reminder I need to stop allowing yesterday’s disappointments set the tone for tomorrows dreams.