Trusted And True Travel Tips - Jody Senna
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Trusted And True Travel Tips

It took us two full days of driving from Virginia to Florida, but we’re here!  Yay!

And although we’ve only been here for 2 days  I’m pretty sure I’ve already gained 5 pounds and had at least that many arguments with my husband over small stuff and big stuff.  Hmmmmm…. aren’t vacations supposed to be peaceful and restful? Ugh.

So this morning I grabbed my journal, my favorite pen, and a cup of coffee, found space at a quiet table and wrote and prayed for God’s peace to encompass me.  My family should be thankful that God is faithful, peace has been restored to my heart, and no on will be injured or maimed on this trip! 😉

From some of the mistakes my family has already made on this trip, I’d like to share a few tips on how you can have a peaceful vacation:

  1. No matter what your 5 year old says to you while you’re shopping for your vacation at Costco, don’t buy junky snacks to take on your trip.  You might promise yourself that YOU won’t eat any, you’re buying it for your family…  Sorry – it’s a lie! You WILL eat the junk food, so trust me when I say that it’s just better that you not pack any. Pack grapes and nuts and organic (non-gmo) popcorn.  Lara bars (or something equivalent) and bottles of water.  Nuts are a good idea also, but don’t buy the trail mix with M&Ms because that’s the only part your 5 year old will eat out of the bag.
  2. If you’re driving to your vacation location like we did, expect that a 13 hour trip might instead take 17 hours to complete.  Bathroom stops, coffee breaks, stops for food, traffic, thunderstorms, traffic, more bathroom stops, more traffic… you get the idea.  Just plan on it taking longer than you thought.
  3. If you’re flying, PLEASE arrive at your airport EARLIER than you thought you’d need to.  Our son and his wife were supposed to arrive this morning via air and although they thought they got to the airport in plenty of time, they didn’t.  They missed their flight and the airline didn’t have another one available for 2 days.  So we rebooked them on a different airline and they’ll be arriving this afternoon. That’s what parents do.  So remember that security lines are going to take longer to navigate through than they did a few years ago and plan your time accordingly.
  4. If you plan on visiting a theme park or museum or other tourist attraction and to do so requires that you purchase tickets before you go, and you choose to buy those tickets online, BE SURE that you input your correct email address.  The wrong email address makes it really, really difficult to receive your confirmation or ticket number – I mean, realllllly difficult.  Especially when you don’t realize that you set up your account with the wrong email address.
  5. Be sure you pack and dress for the weather – your cute jeans might work wonderfully for your flight but they’re going to make you feel like stripping down to your BVDs if you’re trip is to a stinkin’ hot city like Orlando in the month of June.
  6. If you decide to go to Florida (like we did), plan on bringing an umbrella or rain poncho with you because you should definitely expect that it’s going to rain at least once (a day) while you’re there.  But if you do get caught in the rain, follow the advice my daughter Annie gave me as she joyfully danced through the torrential downpour we experienced on while enjoying ice-cream on Main Street USA: “Come on mom, enjoy the moment!”
  7. And that is my best advice to you too, because family vacations rarely go according to plan, even though you worked hard to put your trip together.  but that doesn’t mean your trip won’t be marvelous, it might just look a bit different than you originally thought.  Don’t allow any complications cause you to lose a moment of your vacation.  You’re on vacation – so just relax and enjoy!
  8. If you’re as blessed as I am to have family joining you on your vacation, please go out of your way to enjoy every single moment of time you have to share with them, even if there are any complications. These are days you’ll never have the chance to savor again; children grow up, we adults grow older, and time seems to fly.  Be thankful that you have this time together.

A few years ago we weren’t in a position to be able to take a vacation; going to Costco or Walmart for a few essentials was my big treat!  But jobs change and now I’m on of the truly fortunate ones whose love of travel is again being satiated.  Although travel isn’t without it’s challenges, if you look through my tips and remember to be grateful (no matter how long or far you have to travel to arrive at your destination), you’ll have the trip of a lifetime!


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